Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Affl. No. 930757,
Founded 1999, Kakkad, Kannur-670005, Kerala Tel: 0497 2747044, +91 9383405036
Annual Report
In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most beneficent. May peace be upon Allah’s prophet, the messenger Mohammed and his companion and followers. School development priorities for the year 2020-2021 had its focus on academic areas, activities technological advancement and discipline of students ,specific areas identified for improvement were the following:
• Improve the academic standard of the school undertaking activity and project oriented teaching.
• Increase the overall pass rate at AISSE and AISSCE.
• Plan and execute sufficient co curricular and extra curricular activities in a balanced way.
• Enhance the discipline of our students and enhance the image of the school.
• Enroll the students with confidence, ability and desire to achieve academic advancement and personal goal.
Admission and Strength: The academic year 2020-2021 began on 1st June 2020 with strength of 575 on the roll. However , classes IX & X started on 1st April 2020 . Due to Covid 19 pandemic we decided to adopt virtual learning system through google meet, google classroom and whatsapp.
Teaching and Non teaching Staff: There are 24 teachers and 09 non teaching staff.
CBSE Board Examination Result: I am glad to note that our students of class X and XII came out with flying colours in AISSE 2020 and AISSCE 2020. S K Niazuddin was the topper in AISSCE commerce stream. Rena Rasheed became the topper in AISSE.
School Parliament: The school election was held on 137h June 2020. Zenha Fathima was elected as the School Leader and Rida fathima & Afras Naser as the Speaker. The parliament was held every month in the presence of Social club convener Ms. Anumol M P. The system helped to sort out various class room issues. It served as the best platform to develop leadership skill.
Clubs and Associations: The following clubs and associations were constituted Arts Club, Eco Club, Maths and Science Club ,Social Science Club, literary Club, Health and Hygiene Club and Commerce Association.
Eco club was inaugurated on 5th June 2020, the World environment Day, through online mode. We had given instructions to plant at their home surroundings itself. Environmental Awareness activities were conducted. Ms. Rahna K , Principal and Ms. Geetha M N, convener of Science club gave message to the students to how to protect our environment.
Investiture ceremony was organized by Social club on 19th June 2020 under the leadership of Club convener Ms. Anumol M P . Our School managing committee president Janab C P Muhammed Kunhi Haji assigned the power to the students .
The inauguration of the Literary Club was held on 19th June 2020 by the Principal Ms. Rahna K . It was constituted under the supervision of Ms.Jasna, convener English Club.School leader delivered a speech about the importance of club activities . Essay writing and poem creation competition were held on that day. The Club took special interest in enriching the skill in English language.
Health and Hygiene club functioned under the supervision of Ms. Jasmine T K. The club introduced varied mechanism to look into the classroom neatness and to make the campus free from wastes. Organized awareness class for the students under the leadership of Health Inspector, Puzhathi Grama Panchayath.
Observance of Significant Days: Significant Days were observed with great enthusiasm.
On 5th June World Environmental Day was observed.
Vayana Dinam was celebrated on June 19th under the aegis of Literary Club. Reading competition was conducted.
June 21st school celebrated World Yoga Day. Students delivered speech in connection regarding the importance of that day. Yoga class and exercise was done by the students in their home itself.
Music Day was celebrated on 21st June .Students participated in music competition through google meet platform.
On June 26th Anti Drugs Day was celebrated through google meet.
Ms.Shemi K organized variety of programs on the bases of instructions received from the SEED.
World population Day is celebrated on July 11th . Varities of entertainment is organized by teachers through online mode. Winners were appreciated by teachers and they were given certificates.
On July 26th Kargil Divas is celebrated. They made greeting cards to commemorate the great contributions who have protected our country from the external aggression .The day was celebrated through google meet to honour and salute the soldiers.
Friday Coin: In order to kindle sense of empathy towards the poor and the needy, the charity venture launched in 2014 continued during the report year also. We received Rs.18731. This amount was handed over to our President Janab. C P Muhammed Kunhi Haji . It is used to help the quarantine expenses of the pravasis during this pandemic time.
In connection with independence Day, On August 15th variety of entertainments were arranged . Online quiz competition was conducted in order to cherish the services of our freedom fighters. Fit India Run was launched on that day.
On September 5th , students arranged various activities to appreciate the teachers and their dedicated task as a part of teachers Day celebration .
Hindi day is celebrate with much enthusiasm on September 14.
On September 16th Ozone Day is celebrated via conducting science quiz competition in order to convince the students about the harmful effects of the depletion of the ozone layer.
Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated by the students by cleaning their house and surrounding together with their parents . 378 students and their parents took pledge against eradication of the Covid 19 and downloaded the certificates.
Hand washing day, UN charter Day, World Anesthesia Day ,Unity and Integrity Day was also observed in the month of October.
November 1st , Kerala Piravi Dinam was celebrated in a grand way. On behalf of the literary club, teachers and students collected old traditional things which was used by our predecessors, to convince the importance of our Gods Own Country. In the spirit of Malayalam was drowned in the minds of Malayalees on that day.
National Education Day is celebrated by the students to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s first Education Minister Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad.
On December 12th National Bird Watching Day is also observed. Students took photos of different species of birds in their surroundings.
January 26th, Republic Day and January 30th Martyrs’ Day is observed.
To commemorate the great discovery of Raman effect, World Science Day is celebrated on February 28th .
Faculty Improvement Programmes: Teachers in different faculties were given orientation classes from time to time through online CBSE site. Training program on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence also started through online mode.
I glorify Allah, the Almighty for having bestowed us to present this report.
First of all, I express my sincere gratitude to the School Managing Committee, Vice Principal, Staff Secretary, our academic staff and staff of administration section and to all my colleagues for their sincere support. Let me make use of this opportunity to thank for their contribution for the effective running of the school. Their service have been highly appreciable.
Let me at the same time convey my sincere greetings of welcome and sincere gratitude to all the well wishers of V P Mahamood Haji Memorial Senior Secondary School-and appreciate your relentless support.
A ship that is drift makes no waves, make no mistake about it. V P Mahamood Haji Memorial Senior Secondary School is going to continue to make plenty of waves in the time ahead. Our course is set and we are getting up a full head stream. We recognize that there will be obstacles and problems as we move forward. There will be doubts ,there will be questions for which we do not have immediate answers. But without obstacles, problems, doubts and unanswered questions, there won’t be growth or any fun at all in success.
I wish V P Mahamood Haji Memorial Senior Secondary School a prosperous and an enduring future. May the Almighty Allah shower his choicest blessings upon our students.
Thank You